Department staff research clinical patients education innovation events contact home  >  research  >  mechanisms of visceral pain gi neuromuscular disorders gastro-oesophageal reflux disease colorectal disease nausea and appetite drug discovery novel areas colorectal disease pis: dr mark scott, mr charles knowles, professor gareth sanger, mr peter lunniss, professor norman williams colorectal disorders, characterised by symptoms of constipation and faecal incontinence (fi) are common in the general population (~5% and 15% respectively), and constitute an enormous healthcare burden, as well as individual suffering. Despite considerable research, the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying these disorders are still not fully understood. Our group is using a translational approach to study the factors that lead to disorders of gut neuromuscular function. Such an approach has led to directed, rather than empirical therapies. For example, we have demonstrated that colorectal sensorimotor function plays a significant role in evacuatory disorders and fi, and that therapy directed solely at the anal sphincters is naã¯ve. Mechanisms there is a research focus on three main areas: (1) to investigate the clinical impact and neurophysiological basis of impaired visceral sensation (hyposensitivity) in both constipation and fi; (2) using complementary in vivo and in vitro studies (including development of a novel peristaltic preparation), to enhance our understanding of colonic dysmotility in constipation; (3) to better define rectal evacuatory disorders using an integrated diagnostic approach (simultaneous assessment of morphology / anatomy and function). Diagnosis originating in a fundamental philosophy of first understanding ranges of normality in healthy, asymptomatic volunteers, to carefully phenotype patients through comprehensive evaluation, using conventional (e. G. Endo-anal ultrasound, radio- opaque marker studies, proctography), advanced (e. generic viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription cheapest viagra to buy G. Scintigraphy, barostat), and novel tests (e. G. Pan-colonic manometry, high resolution manometry, ingestible wireless capsule technology, multimodal sensory testing, integrated mr proctography) of gi function and morphology. Over the last ten years, the gi physiology unit has grown to the extent that it investigates more patients with benign colorectal disorders than any other in the uk. Treat. buy eli lilly viagra